Hotel Chicamauga

by Kansas Bible Company

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released November 17, 2012



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Kansas Bible Company Nashville, Tennessee

The Kansas Bible Company is a psychedelic rock and roll band with brass. "KBC" combines heavy guitar, propulsive horn lines and poppy melodies in a genre bending mélange that produces sounds both new and familiar. The seven piece resides in Nashville, TN. Their upcoming record, Paper Moon, is their boldest project yet. ... more


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Track Name: Sunglasses
Sometimes we find ourselves walking down that long spine we call existence, the future at our finger tips, into and infinite wilderness. At times we find ourselves walking with another. Walk with us. We are a culture

I got my sunglasses on
The sun is blazing down
Under a blood red moon
I got my sunglasses on
I'm a gila monster
I'm a chameleon
A glass of tequila
Rattlesnake hide
I got my sunglasses on
You see that man over there?
The one with the eye patch?
I got my sunglasses on

Oh sun king
Oh Aztec warrior
Paint the town red with the jaguar you have slain
Paint this town vermillion
I got my sunglasses on
Looking for the bad water
I'm walking in shadow
Beneath the rings of Saturn
The sands they are shifting
The tooth and the claw
Blood on the tracks
I got my sunglasses on

I got my sunglasses on
Lick the flames in the skies
I'm going up in the smoke
Helium filled eyes
A condor and a buzzard
A thief and a whore
The moon is blazing down
I got my sunglasses on
Track Name: Jesus, the Horse Thief
I stole a horse, Christ what have I done?
Filed for divorce, Christ what have I done?
I'm at a loss of words.
Sometimes this life after life feels like a Palm Sunday Tornado.

Sometimes I feel so bogged down
There are days I don't make a sound.
Sometimes I feel so untied
Or like tennis shoe hanging over a power line.

"I don't think that I will make it home tonight in this disguise," Jesus cried.
Track Name: Rooster Crow
Count the times the rooster crows/For each father, son, and holy shit I think I am my father's ghost/Where the hell did Jesus go?/I don't want to be the one whose blood like wine is spilt and drunk/Death is soft and life is hard/If I cannot find a shooting star I'll wish upon a satellite/Light a pack of cigarettes/Smoke them all just to forget it's you who led yourself into this night

Night is tired but the stars don't blink/Everything's lying in the kitchen sink/And Jesus aint coming back from the brink/And Jesse aint coming back from the stink

So come little doggies won't you feed from my hand/Outside the snow is falling but it doesn't land/And I know a girl who's a Marlboro man/With eyes full of pearls and a mouth full of sand/Bring your broken mammals to the mine by the city/Light a pack of Camels designed by committee/So it's fitting that we're sitting on our unmarked graves/Sing a song of penance and pencil in your names

Everyone's an alien/Everything's a sin only if you have enough creativity/T's made out of cedar wood/Taken from the desert as she screams like animals in heat/Another mother goes into labor as angels sing these Christmas carols/Down the hall, into the chamber, up the action, and out the barrel/I'll give you back your thirty pieces/But that don't mean we get back Jesus

Legs are bound but my arms are wide/I'm coming down where I once was high/And in three days I might not arise/But at least you can say I was crucified
Track Name: Good and Better Decisions
Good and better decisions I'm moving out I'm moving soon I don't know where I am going there's no direction when you're climbing through your bedroom window your dad is playing the fiddle it's 8 a.m. and cops are knocking at your door

Good and better decisions when I see your face your smiling ways you're sending me positive energy like lazer beams off of movie screens it took me 6 months to get where I'm going a move some medication I guess I'll try to be part of society I just hope I don't loose my artistic inspiration

At least there's always Susan
Track Name: The Desert, She Screams
When I sleep with her how she rattles all my bones
I am the skeleton zombie prince wandering the barren west
Bone dry bone, bone dry, dry bones bleached out by the sun and sands of time

She is my favorite
All things unmade
A whisper from a viper
Gypsy woman show me of your ways
She is my faith
Undressing in the sun
A question mark
From where and whence she come
Oh won't you take me down
Won't you take me to
Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas
California, California here we come

She is my nightmare
Throwing caution to the wind
And now she's lighting up
Smoking Camel Light's again
She is my darkness
Undressing in the night
Sucking stars from the heavens
She is my Anti-Christ
Set the sky ablaze
Set the night ablaze

She is my marrow in each my bones. She is my mechanic and my ride home. I hope she don't leave my by the side of the road.

She is my sixth sense
Haunting the desert sands
Under a desert moon
I am her desert man
And when I'm beneath her
How she rattles like a banshee
Track Name: Black Eyed Susan
Black eyed Susan
How are you doing?
I met you last summer
How did I lose you?
Out in the desert
I was so hurt
Then you called to me
And asked me to dance
In your adobe
To disco records
Till the desert caught fire

I was a stranger
In a strange land
Befriending a bottle
To forget New Orleans
You took me dancing
You took me camping
And we got high on the fourth of July
Like the fireworks in the sky
Boom bang pow
How now you compare to that fire in the sky

Love is a spectrum, a million different colors
You are electric, southwestern thunder
Pull me under with your waves
Track Name: Hymn of St. Vertigo
Glory, glory hallelujah
Hold me close my brother
I have secrets deep dark secrets
Who knew life could be so painful

Glory, glory hallelujah
Hold me close my sister
When you're near me, you mirror me
Teach me how to be the light
Glory, glory hallelujah
Hold me close my lover
I am weary and unmeasured
Build me up into thine own

Glory, glory hallelujah
Hold me close sweet Jesus
I have dreams of spaceships flying
'Round the world singing loudest praise
Track Name: Hotel Chicamauga
the past ain't dead and gone
its just in the past
nothing right nothing wrong
if this house had ears and a mouth
what it would say
what would come out?
I have such little faith in the human race
Past the point of return, spurned and burned
I race towards the end with all of my friends
Sometimes I don't even like my friends

Time to change 'cause times are changing
Rearrange the lines on our faces
Burn the page and enter the caves
Dark and dank and totally wasted

four score, twenty years from now
we'll all be dead
or hidden in capes of outerspace
the sun will ignite the sky
as everyone dies and everyone cries
Oh God! Where have you gone?
What have we done, Jesse?
Nothing right, nothing wrong

Time to change 'cause time is a maze
Turn the knobs on our time machine baby
Turn the page, burn all our history
Dark and dank and totally wastoid

Here I stand with post-apocalyptic Jesus holding my hand. I demand a room with a view of all of the sand, glistening, glittering all over the land. The bellhop smiles, picks up my bags, swims through the Red Room Saloon. I'll be there soon, drinking with all the other lost desert reptiles.

I've had such little faith lately.
I hate everyone under the sun.
Time to change 'cause times are changing
Shine the light upon our faces
Burn the page and enter the caves
Dark and dank and totally wasted
Track Name: Wizards and Witches
I want to get a taste of everything.
Oh darling! You've caught me under your spell and I have fell down that dork corridor that they call your floor. Oh honey! I want to wrap my tongue around your eyeball and see what you are all about. A little bit lazy. A little bit crazy.

When you go out on the town tonight, bring me some papes and I'll roll you up in a cigarette. And we'll head on down the chode load explode with a rush of blood to the old chrome dome.

I'm blowing you goodbye. Exhaling to the sky. I'm blowing you goodbye. Ascending to the sky. I'm blowing you goodbye.