Paper Moon

by Kansas Bible Company

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Matthew Nicoson
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Matthew Nicoson Original music is fun! Really good original music is exciting! Excellent original music like this is the best! A great blend of guitar, pounding drums, horns, vocals, harmonies... I like the variety also - a few slow melodies and lots of driving rhythms. Nicely done by some young local artists! Favorite track: Oh, Michael.
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released June 3, 2016

RECORDED AT: Brown Owl Studio, Nashville, TN

ENGINEER: Mark “Z” Zellmer

MIXED BY: Jordan Lehning

MASTERED BY: Yes Master Studios, Nashville, TN

PRODUCED BY: Skylar Wilson

QB OF BUSINESS: Robert Clement

HORNS ARRANGED BY: Jake Snyder, Charles Frederick, Jimmy Nimbus, Isaac Lederach, Skylar Wilson.

DESIGNED BY: Mohammad Rasoulipour
COVER ART: Mohammad Rasoulipour
COLLAGE ART: Ashley Boyd Jones



all rights reserved


Kansas Bible Company Nashville, Tennessee

The Kansas Bible Company is a psychedelic rock and roll band with brass. "KBC" combines heavy guitar, propulsive horn lines and poppy melodies in a genre bending mélange that produces sounds both new and familiar. The seven piece resides in Nashville, TN. Their upcoming record, Paper Moon, is their boldest project yet. ... more


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Track Name: Ty Segall
Well I been out on the road
I gotta check into a motel
I wanna stay at The Hotel
And maybe later check into a little elevator

Got the cold chills and a hot fever
Oh yeah yeah yeah pretty mama
Play the rock ‘n roll like Ty Segall

You wanna do a little boogie
You wanna get out on the road
We been uptown painting it red pretty mama
When you gonna come home and settle down

You give me hot chills and a cold fever
You like to rock ‘n roll like Ty Segall

Well the moon she’s rising high
And the sun he’s layin’ down
And the stars gaze down across all the little people
Who be out foolin’ around

The give me cold chills and a hot fever
They wanna rock ‘n roll like Ty Segall

Rock ‘n roll like Ty Segall
Lake Daggers up in Indiana

Charles Frederick
Track Name: Adiós Amigo
Adiós amigo
Hello here
For the frozen summer is near
Pack your bag
For the Ice Sun will dry your tears

Everything is solid
Heavy as the rain
When we’re flying together
Now you’re shakin’ me up
Oh you’re shakin’ me up
Oh yeah your’re shakin’ me

Adiós amigo
Hello here
For the frozen, summer is near
Pack your bags
For the ice, sun will dry your tears

J. Carl Miller
Track Name: Little Earth
Wake up little bird
Find me beneath the dirt
Take flight to the trees
Feed me to your children’s children

All the separated circles
Follow the horizon (falling)
Follow the horizon falling into dusk
Separated circles
Follow the horizon (rising)
Follow the horizon
Rise against the crust

Wake up little worms
Find me above the dirt
I’m high over the trees
Feed me
And my children’s children’s children’s children’s children’s children’s children’s children’s children’s children

Nathan Morrow
Track Name: Back in the Day
Back in the day
We used to ride around
Swimming naked at the Boulders

Drunk in the car
Headed to your side of town
You’re in your bra I’m in my white briefs

Now I know
I’m in trouble

I’m back from school
You look just how I remember
Trouble is I’m with another

Don’t ever stop
I guess nothing really started
Why can’t a love be rewarded?

Now I know
I’m in trouble

Now I know
I’m in trouble

Out in New York
I am happy just to see you
You say you’re happy to see me too
We ditch our friends
And buy some cigarettes
Making out in all the alleys

Now I know
We’re in trouble

Now I know
I’m in trouble

Charles Frederick
Track Name: Dark July
Black sun I hear you’re coming around again
It’s lost its fun
Days and nights they seem to never end
Shake me loose like a tooth
A dream defined
Dead dogs on the highway lead me home as I cry
Dark July

Blue moon I hear you were hanging around in June
To the tune
Of a spinning room
Everything keeps changing
Why can’t I?
I fly
Dark July
When the ceiling falls just blame it on the weather

Dark July

J. Carl Miller
Track Name: Teen Dream USA
Oh those days shootin’ up Apollo down by the dam
Your hair getting caught in my mouth having sex in my parents van
Jumping into rivers burning bridges with my friends
Then there was Emily I’d love to see her smile again

She wanna come to my house
She write her number on my hand
Smoking mota in the woods
Out of a soda can

She smoke my lucky cigarette
I got her bag of sun
She tells me all her secrets
Once I tell everyone

J. Carl Miller
Track Name: She's in the Garden
Sunbeams from the heavens strike your eyes so golden
Day dreams of the ocean swim across my mind
All the stars fall for you into the baby blue
All your dreams climb through your window
Creeping ivy green

J. Carl Miller
Track Name: Oh, Michael
Oh Michael where have you gone?
Oh Michael baby let your hair grow long
Oh Michael laying out on the lawn
Oh Michael speckled white like a fawn

Oh Michael sit in the corner and cry
Oh Michael let the tears pass you by
Oh Michael no one understands no one understands you why?
Oh Michael wanna be your friend gonna be your friend till we die
There will come a time when our bodies collide in the wide open air
Like the water flows to the sea I will find you there

J. Carl Miller
Track Name: Beverly
She crossed my heart forever
I’ll never love another
A love that we shared together
A story untold forever

How could love taker her away
How could love change

I know your ills my brother
I feel it still my brother
I see my friends yeah they’re happy
I want the role please cast me

How could love find me
I want love by me

I walk the streets, I’m thinking
About all these dreams I been dreaming
Love found its way into the dreaming
Will love find me another dreamer

Now I’m at home feeling sober
Giving my life a looking over
Being alone I thought was steady
I want a love, I’m ready

Charles Frederick
Track Name: Green Door Morning
Green Door morning and you’re running backwards
You’ve got everybody in stitches
Green Door morning on a burning mattress
There’s an empty castle you’ll visit
It’s your decision

Everything after this gonna be better
I promise
So go on and pull yourself out of the water
Golden apple eye seeing eye
Everything is alive
Orgasm come

Green Door morning and your eyes won’t open
You can keep them closed and just listen
Green Door morning and your feet are heavy
Are they ever ready to get in?
It’s your decision

Alright now
Everything after this gonna be better
I promise
So go on and pull yourself out of the water
Golden apple eye seeing eye
Everything is a lie
Shining bright

Everything after this gonna be better
I promise
So go on and pull yourself out of the water
Golden apple eye seeing eye
We are the Von Trapp Family Singers
Oh yeah

Nathan Morrow & J. Carl Miller
Track Name: Baby Blues
Baby blues
Perennials too
Grow with their eyes towards the sun
Brazilian vervain and hollyhock stain the edges of the path that I run

It comes and it goes
These feelings I sew
Into the ground and ‘round the sun we go
Will I wake up
And fill up my cup
And worship the light of this day?

Come now and show me how you have built your own house
Track Name: Backyards
Lay your bones in the backyard
Shed your skin above your bed
Make your home in stolen cars
Running every light that’s red

Running until you’re arrested
Or until you’re out of breath
All the drugs that you ingested
They don’t help you see the stars

Lay the stones upon your scars
Cover every time you’ve bled
Make your home under the arch
Plastic pillow for your head

And I hope you find your heaven
But I’m not holding my breath
All this time we had invested
It’s all light from dying stars

Nathan Morrow
Track Name: Summer Seance
Turn out the lights
A turn of the cards
Holding hands
Waiting with bated breath

We are ghosts
We are the family
We are a light show of beings traveling

Souls come and go through the evening veil
Breaking with the morning light

J. Carl Miller